Friday, November 2, 2012

What it's all About?

Oh, yes, the institutional Church strikes again.  The University of San Diego has disinvited British theologian, Tina Beattie, from coming there on orders from the Vatican.  Oh my, she signed an advertisement support civil marriage equality in her homeland.  

The Church on the institutional level needs to get over itself.  The hierarchy is morally bankrupt in light of the abuse crisis: thousands are leaving it every day.  The second largest religious group in this country is comprised of former Catholics (10%); the "nones" are now 20% of the US population. Where is the dialogue promised by Vatican II?  Bishops, the people are not listening to you anymore.  At all.

The paradigm is shifting; some experience as it is happening now.  The Community of Disciples is alive and well; it always has been and always will be.  Eventually, bishops will remember their place as SERVANTS of the servants of God and God's people.  Collegiality will govern the Church comprised of priests (both male and female), married folks, Religious, LGBT, mentally and physically challenged, people of all races, and single/widowed people.  The Beloved Community will come, with or without the present cadre of bishops.

Jesus came to preach the GOOD NEWS of liberation for all.  He is compassion incarnate.  Let us incarnate Christ and BE the Church, guided by the power of the Holy Spirit!  The rest will take care of itself.

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