Sunday, November 4, 2012


I had a profound experience today. It was not an end to this dark night in which I find myself; in fact, I wasn't moved by the ceremony itself per se.  

A group of friends (some are ordained) gathered around a dining room table. No vestments, no collection, no creed, no religious politics, just a group of folks coming together to offer thanks. But in this simplicity, the power of community was felt in a way that none of us feel in church.  Sounds like Jesus and Co.

It seems like a good place to be. It nurtures my very being. It may not be officially Roman Catholic, but God is bidden and present.

I have no idea where I will end up eventually; I may leave organized religion altogether. But at this table, I will always be welcome, for which I am grateful.


Alison said...

Yossi - I was so glad to see this post today and learn about this beautiful experience. I continue praying for you fondly in what I trust has been a very difficult time. So much love!

Yossi said...

Thank you so much, dear heart...