Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Dark nights and the Presence of God

It seems to me that many folks give up when they hit a dark night.  It is, indeed, terrifying the first time one goes through it.  It often comes several other times in one's life.  It is as if the rug is pulled out from under you; it does a number on complacency.

What I learned in spiritual direction today, however, is that being one with the darkness can yield great spiritual fruit.  Sitting in it means I am in the Presence, though I am not aware of it. God is in my presence, too. I certainly don't feel it. I have to trust on that.

If my heart didn't long for God so strongly, I wouldn't be writing this post.  I simply wouldn't care.  That's just it; I care that much.  But it means that I have to be vulnerable; I am not in control.  That part sucks, but it is totally necessary.

God is just as much in the darkness as in the light.  I just have to sit and let God be, trusting in the process.