Saturday, June 9, 2012

What's it all about?

So who or what is God?  God, if God exists, simply IS.  God cannot really be given human qualities and certainly cannot be put in anyone's box.

Can I "worship" God? I surrender to the Totality that is Godding, I suppose; but I cannot sing hymns and chant psalms to this God.  It seems artificial, forced, fake. My hope is to LOVE this God, if that is possible.

And what about death and what, if anything, comes after?  If nothing comes after of which we are conscious, then the whole thing is a farce. I will not slobber over a God who allows me to be annihilated when my life ends. If we continue somehow, then, I want to love this God with my whole being--no doctrine, dogma--just pure love.

Frankly, I wish I could let this issue go, but I cannot.  A "God seed" seems to have been planted within my heart and is blooming; no amount of rationalization can erase it. It does come perilously close at times!  That being said, however, I cannot stomach easy answers and cutesy little more belief,  just being.



........The Fourth Order said...


My thoughts for what they are worth. Every image we have of God is an image which will morph over the course of a lifetime - hopefully bringing us to a greater depth - it is not God. It is useful to worship - or respond with gratitute - because it opens the channel within us to receive Something that is both impersonal and personal - an indescribable paradox that is somehow connected to body, mind, heart, soul, spirit.It is also useful when the right time comes to stop the worship of an image and experience the Essence of what is. Experience is light years from "belief". Belief is useful because it is so easy to become deluded and belief gives us ancestral criteria for discernment which can be helpful. Images are useful because we are essentially condified to learn through archetypes - even silence is an archetype.

And of course, "you"or "I" will be annilhilated throughout our life and in the afterlife - if it exiats or does not exist.

Just some thoughts. I spent the last three years wrestling with the Beloved as I experienced that. What a relief to be totally defeated now and at peace. I thank "God" for that defeat.
love to you, bro yo,


Yossi said...

Thank you, dear heart...

love to you,