Monday, June 25, 2012

Two Parades

I love a parade! Actually, Jim and I rarely go to Pride, but did go this year. We went to honor the various religious groups, including the Mormons, and organizations making justice, like the Howard Brown Health Center, AIDS Foundation of Chicago, The Night Ministry and PFLAG. And, yes, to dance a bit and catch some FABULOUS beads.

It is important to honor the struggle of the LGBT community and to celebrate life, which can be all to serious much of the time. We need to remember and we need to be proud everyday. 

Later, however, I went to Mass at my parish, St Clement Church. We had a parade there too. No beads or floats, but a procession of gifts to the altar. Simple gifts of bread and wine, destined to become the sacrament of Holy Communion. No magic, just the power of the Holy Spirit and the will of the people.

And then (as part of the same motion, really), we each get up and march to the altar singing for joy to meet our Lord once again. And, somehow, we are changed, transformed, transfigured as a result. We become radiant. 

Two parades, one day. Both bless me. I am gay and Catholic, and proud of both. The LGBT community and the Catholic Church each have a lot of growing and healing to do. My hope is that they can help each other.