Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Letting Go

I am giving away six boxes of books. Why, you ask? Because they're in the way and they are bogging me down, internally as well as externally. I need to let them go wherever someone else can use them.

These are not books I'd get rid of normally. Things, however, on the outside have a way of reflecting things on the inside. I need to unload. You might have something else that gets in the way.

And believe me: I am a bibliophile extraordinaire! When I did this a few years ago, some of my friends thought I was nuts; I was, perhaps, in a way. But the mistake I made then is that I did not state an intent; I just did it. The feelings after I did it went from euphoria to same-old, same-old pretty fast.

It is good to speak an intent to the God within, asking him/her to help you change and grow. The Reign of God is most definitely within. The problem today is that too many of us are afraid to ask. 

This certainly is not New Age in the least. All too often, New Age spirituality focuses on "prosperity consciousness." One asks for even more things to bog one down. No, one has to let go, and allow God to lead. Much of this New Age spirituality is "me" focused. 

I cannot, however, reside only in the mind; rather, I have to allow myself to be guided by the song in your heart. I am feeling freer and lighter. Now, I must truly let go and allow God to speak Silence and show me how to live. God will take care of me if I let him. 

This is God's song. Think, see, feel from your heart; it will make all the difference.

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