Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Brandon Elizardes, Presente

What the hell is going on here? Another young gay man, Brandon Elizardes, takes his own life after being bullied. He simply wanted to be himself. School officials in this case (and this was in Texas, mind you) even attempted to help; it was not enough.

We can have all the gay and lesbian pride we want, but it will not bring Brandon, or any of the others who have died by suicide, back. We mourn the loss of so many beautiful kids who didn't even stand a chance.

Obviously, it doesn't get better for everyone; it didn't for Brandon. Haters can be found everywhere. When they literally hound someone to death, they must pay the price. A thirty-day slap on the wrist doesn't do it.

When the memorial candles go out and Brandon's cold body is laid in the earth, what can and will be done? When God is silent, what should we do? The solution, whatever it is, is not easy to find; but we cannot give up trying to reach it.

Brandon's death reminds us that not everything's coming up rainbows.

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