Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Now, y'all might wonder why I put this picture when I am going to talk about North Carolina.  Well, because thank God there exists places in the state that maintain the welcome for LGBT folks and marriage equality, even when the majority of the its citizens vote against it.  

It SUCKS that we have to fight over something so STUPID in the 21st century, but there it is.  Not only does my heart go out to those LGBT folks in relationships who would like to get them recognized by the state, but it also embraces those straight folks who are in relationships other than marriage.  

North Carolina IS the South; it might take a bit longer there.  Of course, we can support our President and make sure he gets re-elected.  Then we can make sure he PUSHES to overturn DOMA with the Democratic House we are going to elect in November alongside the strengthened Senate..  

It's a matter of time, period.  We WILL overcome.  But we can never let our guard down.

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