Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Blessings, All!

Yup, I am running a full 26.2 miles in the Chicago Marathon in order to raise money for the AIDS Foundation of Chicago. Every 9.5 seconds, another person tests positive for HIV; 2.1 million have it in the US.  We need to end

So, why does a healthy person who is not HIV+ and does not have AIDS, run?  I run to remember.  I re-member Roger Bessie Bates, Thomas Joseph, The Rev Waylon Melton, Sean Colvin, Bernard, and Allen Andrew.  They were friends who no longer brighten my day. They shall not be forgotten.

I run, too, for all those who live with HIV now.  Thank God, it is pretty much a chronic condition rather than a death sentence, but that doesn't make it right.  We have to end this.

I run for the AIDS Foundation of Chicago to support their incredible work.  AIDS funding might be cut 50% in Illinois; AFC needs your help.

Every drop of sweat and muscle pain shows my dedication to running this race for life.  Please join me, and together, we can do our part to end AIDS forever.

Love and life,


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