Thursday, April 5, 2012

Maundy Thursday

It is difficult to believe that another Holy Thursday is upon us.  How often we would rather just fly by this and go right into Easter Sunday.  But then, Easter is just another day, albeit dressed up.

We need to go through the crucifixion with Jesus. We need to go through the grime and sweat of Good Friday. We need to go through the wondering of Holy Saturday, and then, and only then, come to the first alleluias of Easter Day.  

It is too easy simply to jump to Easter Sunday. It is, however, much better to walk the way with Jesus.  From the agony in the Garden, to the arrest, to the mock trial, to the Crucifixion, to the end--that is the way to go.  But wait, there is more: Easter Sunday.  It is a day of triumphant alleluias resounding!

Let us own each day in its own right.  It is imperative that we do do.


Katie Davis said...

Hey! Do you have a source for the art? I love it!

Yossi said...

I search on the Internet for what speaks to me...