Thursday, February 9, 2012

Fugue in Lent Major

The crispness of Silence enraptures like ice-cold windy blast,
awakening the dawn, hope's flow resoundeth anon.  
Void rumbles empty not, full of possibility's ever newness,
sapstream stirs yearneth 

bareness knoweth leaves fulltility, aloneness no, for Beloved permeates
All, all, Ground of Being stretcheth self's borders, radical ecstasy
embraceth membranous hue, goldwhite song rides the air
light's folly

many onenesses, Oneness, many, anoint now's rays.
Manifestation ebb and flow, toward ashy forehead's moment,
now eternal, end beginning rising sun,
see through glass clearly

relearn earthiness from whence cometh, ruach imbibes spirit,
longish forty-day reverie amidst thawness,
let go, take on, never static, soilness o'erturned,
bliss'ning cross cleaves

Yossi Lopez-Hineynu, Copyright 2012~All Rights Reserved

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