Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Rosie's Rant

Sparks flew recently when Rosie O'Donnell responded to David Letterman's tasteless lines from his monologue referencing her recent engagement. Rosie's response was rather boisterous, which is no surprise.

Now, could Rosie have chosen to respond from her heart and simply say on the air how his stereotypical comments hurt her feelings and those of her fiancee?  Could she have also mentioned that language like he used actually contributes to young GLBT folks killing themselves? Yes, she could have.

Humor at another's expense hurts those joked about, and insults the genre itself.  This is unacceptable. Life is funny enough without having to cut someone else down for a cheap laugh. Someone who has the need to do so either was never funny or has lost his or her touch.

It seems to me that Rosie's response comes from anger and hurt. Perhaps she's tired of having to be "nice" all the time, smile, and accept the jokes and the use of the word "gay" as something negative.  Maybe she's a bit yanked at being called "sensitive" for reacting to such hate, for that's what it is. I get that, because, frankly, I know the taste of bile that burns my throat after repressing, yet again, another slur, however couched, and, like her, am damned tired of it.

Let's get one thing clear: those who know me, know that I do not wear my sexuality on my sleeve as it's a deeply integrated part of who I am. Quite simply, I am a man who happens to be gay, but this is among many other aspects that make me, me. The anger is justified, but the response is up to me (and to Rosie).

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