Monday, December 12, 2011

Blooming in the Cold Night Air

Now the slightly out-of-focus picture above might not seem sensational, but the story behind it's pretty cool, to me at least.  Read on...

In the last week or so, temperatures dipped below freezing several nights.  The beautiful rose bushes still had several buds on them ready to burst, yes, in December.  I just assumed after the cold, the buds were dead, but I got an idea.

Instead of cutting them off and dropping them in the garden to fertilize the ground, I decided to bring them in the house and put them in some water, fully expecting nothing to happen.  Well, within a day, the buds opened a bit; I was happy with that.  Over the next few days they really opened and are exquisite.  The yellow ones, which were my late Mom's favorite, have such a lovely aroma.

All Creation manifests the work of the Master, even in freezing December.  God is present and we stand on holy ground.

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