Thursday, November 17, 2011

Yup, I'm Pissed!

Eston William Nelson, II

The world's madness seems much more prevalent to me these days. We live in a society that, among so many other insanities, allows innocent children get bullied to death. Have we lost our bloomin' minds? Yup, looks like it.

Eston Nelson, II, was one of those innocents; he died by his own hand. Apparently his school had anti-bullying policies, but these didn't save him. 15 years old, dead. All his dreams and talents lying in the ground. What the hell?

Evil exists. The more we feed it, the more it grows. The more we avoid exorcising our own inner demons, the more they fester. Yes, any one of us can be the bully or the one who does nothing to stop it. Both live within us.

Right now, however, I simply need to be pissed off. Will I remain so? Of course not, because as a person of faith, hope lives in my heart and spurs me to be compassion. This leads me to strive toward realizing the Beloved Community.

This darkness will pass but never be forgotten; for right now, though, I am pissed, grieving the death of still another bright light gone out for no damn good reason. Ya can't let it go until you walk right through it!

And when I do let these emotions go, then I can pray for those who hurt this beautiful child, for their conversion to wholeness.

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Joseph Schultz said...

I think you hit two powerful and important messages in this one: 1) we can't defeat evil by thinking we are above it; and 2) praying for our enemies does not validate evil but rather empathizes with persons different and not-so-different from ourselves to foster the recognition of mutual humanity.