Thursday, November 24, 2011

Occupy "Occupy"...Oy!

The Occupy phenomenon inspires me greatly, as many who read this blog know.  While I may not agree with how they do everything, I do agree with fighting against greed in the form of corporate personhood, dehumanization, and the curtailing of our civil rights when we truly begin to assert them. 

The protesters' commitment to nonviolent direct action and "leaderless" governance through General Assembly is nothing short of amazing. The harsh actions of the police in many cities against the them, speaks to the power and truth of this movement's goals. But "Occupy" has pretty much become a brand name now.

Pretty soon, we will have to occupy Occupy to reclaim it!  Whenever a word gets overly conceptualized and repeated, it loses its force and its power. We need to avoid making it an idol, when it should be an icon, pointing beyond itself.

I am guilty myself, in that I coordinated "Occupy Eucharist." Simply "Eucharist" would have sufficed.

Let us focus, then, on occupying the hearts and minds of our brothers and sisters here and around the world, making compassion and justice flow.

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