Thursday, October 27, 2011

Eye of the Storm

hellacious tempestosity whipping about,
topsy turvy sychophantic drivel
dripping microphonage,
unarmed innocents droppingness

stormy winds blow fierce,
soul within glows, Eye-- center maddening
clouds gathering, menancing's lair,
yet, radiance untroubled that...

seeing seven circles dance indigo waltz,
golden-white flowosity, candle igniting
squalls angers crushing not,
but Thee beyond me, within

four-chambered synchronicity's happenstance,
beats timbre rouse, complementariness stand,
consume, diamodine erase edgeness rough,
coal's seed's potentialities, always within, without

steps carry high-low wandering, mountanous valleying sameness see,
but stop, Thy feet but carry, jesterish Beloved,
coquettish divinity alooking out my eyes others back me,
deciding not surrender's hope, it happens mind looks away

turbanically inclined greeness, agarmented whiteness blazing,
being's likeness emblazoned One without being, yet realness abounds,
embrace consumation's yearningness, transfigurations bloometh,
waterfll's clapping delight, mountains laughter resounding whole

look at him, look at her, look at me, look at Thee,
all is One illumination's drag falls,
Thine eyes look out from within in all places blest,
Thy womb births forth compassion's justice mercy kind, drumbeats home...

Yossi Lopez-Hineynu, Copyright 2011~All Rights Reserved

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