Thursday, October 27, 2011

Eye of the Storm

hellacious tempestosity whipping about,
topsy turvy sychophantic drivel
dripping microphonage,
unarmed innocents droppingness

stormy winds blow fierce,
soul within glows, Eye-- center maddening
clouds gathering, menancing's lair,
yet, radiance untroubled that...

seeing seven circles dance indigo waltz,
golden-white flowosity, candle igniting
squalls angers crushing not,
but Thee beyond me, within

four-chambered synchronicity's happenstance,
beats timbre rouse, complementariness stand,
consume, diamodine erase edgeness rough,
coal's seed's potentialities, always within, without

steps carry high-low wandering, mountanous valleying sameness see,
but stop, Thy feet but carry, jesterish Beloved,
coquettish divinity alooking out my eyes others back me,
deciding not surrender's hope, it happens mind looks away

turbanically inclined greeness, agarmented whiteness blazing,
being's likeness emblazoned One without being, yet realness abounds,
embrace consumation's yearningness, transfigurations bloometh,
waterfll's clapping delight, mountains laughter resounding whole

look at him, look at her, look at me, look at Thee,
all is One illumination's drag falls,
Thine eyes look out from within in all places blest,
Thy womb births forth compassion's justice mercy kind, drumbeats home...

Yossi Lopez-Hineynu, Copyright 2011~All Rights Reserved

Semper Fi

American pieta...

mourning-beat cadence
tear-gassed memories weep,
no toy bullets these,
strike down United States Marine

young man dodges bullets, Iraqi style,
only to stand on his own soil embracing,
gaping, bleeding,
brain-swelling madness, countryman trigger pulls

only-following-orders cop,
oligarchian stooge, sees notown rape, dispensibility's bitch,
modernity's masochism sadistically smacks

when inanimate breath given,
people suffocate, dungscent choking,
cranial-recto symdrome's governance,
zombie land macabria serenade, spilt-tea runneth over...

drumming hue raise,
new day hope's a blazing,
peace full abundancian determination,
claiming self's wholeness, society's reality

justice peace kiss dew's blissian truth,
that which of, for and by
PEOPLE asleep no more, greet morning dew's benediction,
changing times trajectory

clouds shan't disperse immediacy's urgency,
Truth's quaking rousing wrath, Ozian mirage fierce,
strike swift-snake fangosity rip,
biter bitten becomes

Yossi Lopez-Hineynu, Copyright 2011~All Rights Reserved

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The backlash begins


The last time I checked, Americans still had the right to free speech and peaceful assembly. That is, until it affects the status quo. Then, apparently, all bets are off. What hubris for our government to decry the abuse of human rights in other countries, when it allows it to happen here. No wonder so many in the world despise our hypocrisy.

First we had mounted police pushing into groups of protesters in New York City's Times Square, then nurses and others not allowed to make their phone call, given something to eat, and generally harassed while in the custody of the Chicago Police Department, and now rubber bullets and tear gas in Oakland. Seems a bit much considering the protesters are unarmed and nonviolent, dontcha think? Hmmm, let's see now...

The protests are working, people!

The response continues to get even more heavy handed, and will get more harsh, count on it. The status quo is getting nervous because the Truth makes tyrants shake. As a person of faith, I love the police, the mayors, the corporate tycoons and pray that their hearts might be opened: but their actions can never be condoned.They must be held accountable.

"First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win."


How amazing that images of the brutality against the occupiers goes around the world in an instant, and yet it continues. Now is the time to keep faith and remain strong. It's not going to be easy, but we can't get to a more just society without going through it.

Let justice roll down like the waters and righteousness like an evenflowing stream!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Let justice roll down

This week at Occupy Chicago seemed to find even more energy and urgency. From what I gather, the Jackson "L" stops on the Red and Blue lines were temporarily closed, right before the march from the financial district to Grant Park. Yes, the voices of this principled group are being heard, indeed.

It takes time, but this Movment's growing because Americans know that coporations are NOT people and that they should not have so much power influencing our government and rolling in profits while laying off folks. As people of faith wallking with the Beloved, we, too, know that the greed so prevalent today harms not only us as people, but all Life. It must stop.

Some might object to my participation, and that of other clergy, reasoning that we should "tend to our flocks" or our ministries, that we should not be so "partisan". They would prefer that we fulfill our duties by pacifying folks to accept their lot in life by never questioning authority. Religion has colluded in this manner for far too long, and it's time for it touch people where they are by recapturing its prophetic voice.

Jesus loves all people, but there exists absolutely no doubt in my mind that he would place himself right among the occupiers. He would certainly attempt to challenge those in power, hoping to melt their hearts of ice with the fire of compassion. He would call them to wake up. But if all attempts failed, he would continue loving them, but would shake the dust from his feet (Lk 9:5; Mt 10:14) and, yet, not be adverse to driving the moneychangers from his father's house (John 2:13-16). The world is the Creator's house and it needs cleansing.

This needed change will not happen over night, nor should it espouse violence on the side of the occupiers. It's about maintaining faith during the long haul, which will, most likely, see violence on the side of those in power as it becomes more apparent to them that those occupying are not going away.

Those of us who serve as "Protest Chaplains," as some call us, open ourselves in deep availability and spiritual presence, serving any and all whom we encounter, no matter what they believe or don't believe about God. We challenge all to remind mindful, for by such focused awareness, we literally change others, and the world. While we are part of the 99% ourselves, we live in the tension that calls us to be in but not completely of the Movment, so that we can raise prophetic voices to the occupiers when necessary and keep vigilant watch for their safety as the response to their witness gets stronger and potentially more violent. 

These are deeply sacramental times, if we allow ourselves to remain completely open to them. The Holy Spirit's speaking strongly to a bold expression of compassion, justice and peace. Let us bow in humble awe to the God who makes all things new, serving as midwives to this new birth...

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Occupy Chicago

What an amazing experience to join Occupy Chicago this past Saturday. As a provisional (soon-to-be ordained) minister, OUnI encouraged me strongly to wear a clergy collar and the OUnI pendant. The intense energy and nonviolence of this occupation moved me deeply.

Amazing conversations took place with folks; they all appreciated a clergyperson's presence, particularly one who stood with them, without an agenda other than radiating God's love. I spoke with two young men who had worked in the financial industry until realizing how ruthless it was. They each lamented the lack of compassion within; they know economics, so are not chanting merely to hear their own voices. Things need to change, now.

Another man spoke to me of being blessed to own his house and have security, but being alarmed that so many do not have the necessitites of life. He said that more folks needed to come out and occupy. A woman spoke to me of how her faith, expressed through the United Church of Christ, inspires her to work for justice and peace. Her late grandfather founded Protestants for the Common Good; seems that apple didn't fall too far from the tree!

The diversity of the occupiers struck me as well: men and women of various ages and economic classes, African-Americans, Asians, Caucasians, Latin Americans.  I saw some young Muslim women wearing hijabs occupying as well. A Presbyterian pastor spoke at the General Assembly. Yes, the Communists and Socialists were present, and in a democracy should be, but the majority of people were there due to righteous anger at the greed so prevelant today which causes so much suffering. The energy was palpable.

A country that bails out banks whose CEO's whine having to go without a pay raise on the $10 million salary they already receive, has its priorities screwed up. Likewise, when some of our fellow Americans applaud allowing the death of an albeit hypothetical man without insurance, boo a solider who happens to be gay, or seem to have no problem with the mounting ranks of homeless people in a land with empty houses, we need to take a moral inventory.

When young gay and lesbian youth take their lives due to bullying and officials in some places don't care, those officials need to be held accountable and the parents of the bulliers held responsible, along with the bullying kids themselves. Likewise, we need to learn from the Vietnam Conflict, and get out countries in which we don't belong and in which the people don't want us. We as a nation have lost our soul.

My hope is not only that the occupations continue around the world, but that real change results as a result of the pressure, particularly at the ballot box. Injustice reigns. Rooted in the power of the Holy Spirit, we need to reach out in love to each other, whether 1% or 99%, and come together 100% in Beloved Community. When we do, compassion and justice shall kiss and our priorities shall be made straight; I shudder to think what will happen if we don't.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Occupation to Beloved Community

What absolute brilliance of folks from Catholics United recreating a universally known symbol and galvanizing the religious presence at Occupy Wall Street. The Golden Bull brought representatives from many religions together in universal witness against the greed and hatred experienced today in our society. Christianity, in particular, usually seems to be ignored in movements like this, but not anymore.

We Christians speak of the Beloved Community, and that needs to be our paradigm here so that we may witness for the long haul, and inspire others to do the same. Sustained by prayer, sacrament and Word, we carry on, carrying on. We can do no less.

Part of our witness as those who walk with Jesus, as difficult as it can be, is to remember Christ loves all, even the corporate CEO whining about not getting a raise on his $10 million salary or the politician who sees the occupiers as somehow unpatriotic. Loving those who agree with us is easy; loving those with whom we don't, and seeing that of God within them as people, not so much. But doing anything less renders us false witnesses.

We need to be the Good News! Occupying Wall Street and participating in partner occupations in cities around the country give us the opportunity and place to do so, reaching thousands who'd never darken the door of a church. And we do this by being open vessels, holding ourselves in vulnerability for others, simple presence. We do this by participating in the Cross, laying down our lives for our friends (John 15:12-13).

This movement needs to be about conversion of all our hearts, regardless of religion or non, not merely realignment of assets or defeating candidates. It compels us to make the collective and personal, spiritual, not just political. We need to come together as One with the Beloved and make for compassion and justice.