Sunday, September 4, 2011

This Fragile Beauty

The Great Smoky Mountains

What a lovely range of mountains. A bit worn over time, but they feel like an old pair of jeans, a perfect fit. Water, weather, wind, have whipped these majestic beauties over millennia, but they are regal beyond description. Nothing random in that, methinks. 

Terrifying to believe that in some places, companies have purchased mineral rights, which means they can destroy a mountain to get to what's beneath. To attack Grandmother Earth is a form a rape and must be stopped.

We humans have done a number on Grandmother Earth the world over, and it's those of us in the so-called First World. We seem to think we're entitled, rather than listening to the Earth's voice. We must treat our Elder rightly and tread softly upon her, using what we need, and giving back to replenish her bounty.

The Beloved Community not only includes the People of God, but also Granny Earth and all that she contains, from animal life to minerals. Justice is pointless if it's not all embracing. It is up to us to begin listening again by getting closer to her.

If God is in all things and all things are within the Ancient of Days, we must honor the sacrament that is the earth, for it manifests the Divine, though the planet itself is not God, of course. We need our hearts to beat in resonance with the hum of Life in order to take action to protect our home.


+dale said...

i am not and never have been nor ever hope to be a calvinist. yet, the trip from the ozarks to oregon, through creationside as beautiful as the smokies but of course entirely different, the holy loving diversity, has seemed prima facae evidence not only for original sin but for total depravity. how can we do it, this rape of our mother?

Yossi said...

Amen, my brother...

Thom, SFO said...

We Franciscans call this "Universal Kinship." :-)

Yossi said...