Friday, September 9, 2011

Patience With the Little Things

Patience, particularly with "little" things, is not always at the top of my list of virtues, LOL! For whatever reason, the bigger things in life don't bother me when I have to endure, wait, but some of those little ones...not so much.  My Franciscan heart, however, would certainly find me, like our friend above, stopping traffic for Mama duck& Family waiting for them to cross the street, because that's the thing to do...but I digress!

Recently, my ordination as interspiritual clergy was postponed essentially due to a communication glitch from my ordaining body (which resulted from technology issues mostly). Things happen.

When learning of the postponement originally, it hit me like a football in the gut. I also didn't know that I would be ordained with others, which is in itself not an issue, other than I won't be able to plan the whole liturgy. In the words of a dear friend: "You must be so disappointed since you are so ready..." Yup, she was right. While I didn't allow my emotions to control me too much, I was angry and a little hurt, and not feeling so patient. But part of maturity involves experiencing the emotion without getting too entangled, and letting it flow away.

Thankfully, dear friends reminded me that the experience, when it does happen, might just be even more, we wait, together, for that day. And, another pointed out that nothing is preventing a separate celebration liturgy at a later date.

These are good lessons learned, and re-learned. We all need to continually slow down and look for the signs from the Beloved, and follow them. We need let things BE...

So, whenever I am ordained to the ministry and however that takes place, it will be a day of great joy. It will be a YES moment! And, either the next day or the next week, I will preside at a Eucharistic liturgy, at once deeply Christian, and interspiritual, planned with friends.

On a separate note: I have joined the Tau Community of Interfaith Franciscans USA, which is affiliated with OUnI and the Community of the Mystic Heart. (I'd like the name to drop 'interfaith' and add 'interspiritual', but I digress). Walking the razor thin line between the Christian roots of Francis and Clare and the interspiritual witness is a profound challenge. May the Beloved so bless this endeavor...

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