Thursday, August 11, 2011

Taking Time

Taking time to see and smell the flowers, and nurture friendships, is of the utmost importance. Technology gets faster and faster by the second, and we get further and further from the flowers and the friends. 

Paying attention, slowing down, appreciating how lovely a flower bud looks, and how magnificent when it explodes into bloom, riotous color transcending the mundane--helps us grow as persons, truly. Standing in the presence of even the littlest flowers in their unique contributions places one firmly in the presence of God.

So, too, with friends. Friendship needs those involved to slow down, and bask in the true soul-deep resplendence of the Beloved shining from the other. Agape must envelope and flow like nectar.

Flowers' intense beauty lasts but a short time before it returns to That Which Is. Ultimately, so do friends in the grand scheme of things. We cannot take either for granted. In the cacophony that is modern life, we need to take that time smell the flowers and love our friends. It keeps us grounded and makes us whole.


Bp. Barb Martzall said...

So very true. Thank you for reminding us of this.

Yossi said...

Blessings, +Barb