Monday, August 15, 2011

Removing the Box

Sometimes stepping out of something leads you more deeply into it. It's one of those delicious and lovely Zen-like realities. It's a paradox of the Path, which is paradox itself.

By going beyond ordinary boundaries, I find that "the icon and the idol determine two manners of being for beings, not two classes of beings" (God Without Being, Jean-Luc Marion 8). Getting out from under the crushing weight of regular religiosity, allows truth to flow, unimpeded, all pointing to the One. Lights do not belong under bushels of any kind (Mt. 5:15).

Quite simply, this way of being permits seeing so much as if for the first time. Taking anything for granted, particularly faith, is not good. It becomes moribund and rank. This is not a matter of always wanting something to fresh and exciting for its own sake, but, rather, a deep sense a getting to the bottom of things, the Real. 

This movement in my life presently is not against anything, but rather for or toward something. Where this dance shall lead, I don't know, but dance my heart wishes to do, always in the embrace of the Beloved.


Esther said...

You write well that even if i disagreed with you instead of sitting here nodding 'YES!' i would find your blogs enjoyable.

Yossi said...

Blessings, dear Sister MP!