Monday, August 1, 2011

Essential Being

This contemplative's vocation centers on transformation in the Beloved's embrace; it hasn't changed since yesterday. From what this pilgrim's mentors say, this particular expression of his calling involves being a "Fool for Christ," which most others do not understand, even many Religious. Neither does he all the time. Now this one is not even close to being holy, but this holy madness that embraces chooses some to dance to its seeming (to others) discordant tune.

Tolkien says that "not all who wander are lost," but find themselves with borders not rigid but fluid, yet flowing from the Source nonetheless. The Eucharist serves as food for this one's Journey, rooted gently in the Triune God, but genuine humility teaches him enough to know that the Ancient of Days speaks many dialects and sings various harmonies to the Great Melody. All this contemplative can do is dance!

One thing along this path has taught and spiritual mentors have underscored time and again: if a spiritual practice is not serving, it is time to let it go. If it starts to restrict the heart, as Sheikha Fariha of the NurAshki Jerrahi Sufis and several monastic mentors have taught this pilgrim, it's not feeding your soul. 

Opening oneself to the passionate embrace of Lord of the Dance involves letting him lead, not popular opinion as to how things should be, even that within the Church! A genuine spiritual father or mother realizes this, yet sees the whole picture, and can thus affirm what's going on. 

What's important for him: knowing who he is and Whose he is. No matter where he stands, it is holy, for God is in all things and all things are in God, Who is the One who makes it so. The fire burns but does not consume, so we bow down in awe. 


Stephen Taylor said...

I am happy for your discovery. Could you tell me how the practice of Lectio Divina, which feeds me and I could not live without, is problematic for you? Or was it that the strict routine of your particular order's requirements were not working?

I am curious, that is all. I rejoice with you as another Holy Fool.

Yossi said...

Bless you, my brother. We rejoice together for all is in the Beloved!

Lectio is beautiful and powerful, no doubt. It's somehow out of sync with my rhythm presently. It's difficult to put into words, other than that words often seem like clouds hiding the moon.

Truly it brings joy to my soul that lectio is close to you as breathing, thanks be to God. Simply not that for me. My mentor said that I understood how to do it...

Silence seems to call my soul, the Eucharist, dance...