Saturday, August 27, 2011

Beloved Community

Flower of Life

I experienced the Beloved Community last night. This gathering to celebrate returning to a new semester coming up this Monday happened to coincide with my birthday. Three folks I had never met before joined us, but what a blessing. We shared conversation, cupcakes, fellowship, and wine--ritual, yet somehow transcending ritual.

Just about all present were about half my age, but even that was transcended. We shared concerns and joys, got giggly and silly; the present, now, sacred moment. Each person just was himself or herself, allowing his or her own light to shine without pretension.

What joy to be present in a group of people who embody compassion and justice within their religious traditions and the world. It was the ordinariness of this gathering that made it holy, transcending space and time. No forced piety here.

Yes, this gathering was sacramental: an outward and visible expression of Divine indwelling and grace. Those present made it so in union with the Beloved whose presence radiated from all hearts present. Like any well done ritual, we left with warmed hearts, refreshed, renewed, going out in service to the world.

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