Sunday, July 10, 2011

Saints Benedict and Scholastica

Though St Scholastica has her own feast day, I like to celebrate this brother and sister together. St Scholastica assisted her brother Benedict in writing the Rule followed by thousands of monks, nuns, and oblates of the various Benedictine expressions to this day. It is sadly typical of the Church to forget her, as they often do St Clare...

The world of these holy siblings was chaotic and violent, much like today. They responded to the promptings of the Holy Spirit to serve the People of God through a life of prayer and work. The Benedictine vocation is often misunderstood as fleeing the world, but it, in fact, draws one more deeply into it.

Vows of Obedience, Stability, and Conversion of Life serve as the foundation of Benedictine life. But these are not vows of mindless, cookie-cutter Religious, but, in fact, life giving and practical ways for the self to be emptied so as to be filled by the Beloved. The Rule frees those who embrace it and it to embrace them to live freely and fully wherever they find themselves at any given moment. Roots firm in the soil allow the flowers to bloom.

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