Friday, July 1, 2011

Sacred Heart

Blessings on the Feast of the Sacred Heart! Personally, I celebrate this day as the Feasts of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary.

This day is not about the physical organ. From antiquity, the heart is known as the seat of wisdom and it is that which I honor this day in Jesus whose compassion touches the down-trodden, the lost, the poor and the sick. His love leads to death on a cross and resurrection, God as human. We're told in scripture that Mary often holds things in her heart.

What amazing compassion and love it takes for Jesus to minister to all, but particularly those marginalized by the religious establishment and society. One can only imagine what his feisty Palestinian Jewish mother thought about this son of hers. While we hear little of her, one can envision her dignified, yet earthy, presence, with him, supporting him, yet fearful of repercussions. Moms are like that.

Mother Mary's heart undoubtedly broke knowing of her son's not unexpected arrest and subsequent execution. It seems to me that her ever expanding heart becomes emboldened at Pentecost, and, that she, too, proclaims the Reign of God!

Contemplation and prayer lead to transformation, which, in turn, opens a person's heart in love to others. It calls him or her beyond the self. This has nothing to do with Hallmark-card sentimentality, but, rather, a compassion that so overflows in blood, sweat and tears; no masochism here, just the Cross leading to Resurrection's joy!

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