Friday, July 22, 2011


Deepest sympathies to the people of Norway over the bombing of government buildings in Oslo and the 80 youths killed at a Labor Party camp. We stand with you...

How sad that people, in this the 21st Century, still act like predatory animals, barbarously killing innocents. It seems to me that better ways exist for people who disagree to live together. Bad enough to kill ruthlessly those with whom you disagree, but their children? The killer apparently belongs to the extreme political right and claims to be a Christian. 

Is this kind of slaughter ever forgivable? It doesn't matter where it takes place, who commits it, or for what reason: it's evil. Where the hell is God in all this? To simply dismiss it as yet another expression of free will whilst wringing our hands, is not good enough. 

If God is That Which Is, then Divine intervention takes place through our hands and hearts, striving to make a more peaceful world, teaching our children to use critical thinking and, as my Daddy always said, learning to disagree without being disagreeble.

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