Thursday, July 28, 2011


We live in a deeply nihilistic age. Even religion in many places seems mere form without meaning or substance, lots of fluff, sometimes wrapped in a flag, other times so much social justice-without-contemplation pretense.  Lots of talk about God, but not so much living in and with God. Life without ultimate significance renders God a commodity.

Without meaning, all hell breaks loose! Things become inverted, turned upside down in an attempt to mimic a life of deep contemplation and faith, which also changes one. But the former reaps rotten fruit unlike the succulence of the latter's bounty. Nihilism mocks reality.

In its wake, personhood becomes a macabre joke, to use and abuse on another's way up the illusory ladder to the nonexistent 'top'. When no one counts and nothing matters, all bets are off. The chimera must be fed, and its appetite never ends.

Numbness sets and renders real emotion impotent, for narcissism rules the day. For when one focuses only on the self, he or she fails to notice the marionette strings attached, pulling this way and that, helter skelter. Evil puts him or her to sleep with eyes wide open, leaving him or her not wanting to see suffering right there, wishing to change this channel, pop the happy pill, having a lame orgasm at ever-perpetual violence.

A life in the Beloved's embrace, however, penetrates the falsehood, restoring dignity to the person in its ecstasy. It is sometimes unruly in childlike exuberance, but that's what Easter people do, knowing that the Incarnate God plunges into the Darkness bringing Light to even the dustiest, neglected corners. A love so full of fire that it burns the dross and raises the dead! Hallelujah!

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