Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Living (and Dancing) in the Present

If we live stuck in the past we cannot grow; same if we live in a future yet to be born. Amazing how many folks do either one, or even both. There's nothing wrong with memories, it's the getting stuck in them to the point that the time in which they were made becomes idyllic. The future is not-yet, so we need tend the present. Keeping our eyes on the prize (whatever it is) keeps us from looking around at the beauty that is Life now. We miss it.

How amazing when we allow our senses to flow and open. It's being fully aware. It takes practice, but living presently allows to dwell in the womb of God, Who is ever-present. Today, while taking my daily walk, I really felt each foot hit the sidewalk, the breeze caress my face, the sweat running down my back, the sounds of nature and living around me. It was Oneness, yet I did not lose my bearings.

While I didn't achieve that state permanently, I find it seems to be progressive. I am more aware now than before that walk. This grows if I simply allow it to be. It's difficult to put into words. I am not holy nor am I different than anyone else who works at this. I am just who I am...

Living in the present is like doing the Dances of Universal Peace which involve people in one, two or three large circles. As the beautiful Sufi chants and music begin, you look at your partner, take each other's hands, and dance around each other, never taking your eyes off each other. That's powerful enough, but as you circle, you both eventually become partners with the person next to you and the cycle repeats until you've gotten around the entire circle. It's fairly fast-paced, so as you switch partners, it seems as if but one person's standing in front of you, though it's many over the course of the dance: all colors, genders, shapes, sizes. Differences don't matter, because it is an experience of unconditional love. 

During the dances time stops. Only Life is real, and herein lived really. All of Life can actually be like that if we let it wherein we still get necessary things done, but time slows and we are more alive.
Shaykha Fariha and the 
NurAshki Jerrahi Sufisa wonderful welcoming community

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