Friday, July 8, 2011


We live in scary times: the rich getting wealthier, the environment getting worse, some people wearing their blatant hatred of others not like them on their sleeves. Dom Helder Camara said many years ago that people call him a saint when he feeds the poor, but a Communist when he asks why the poor are not being fed. Well the questions need to be asked...NOW!

For those of us professing to walk with Jesus, all too often he's made out to be a Harvey Milquetoast, all nice, in our control so as not to challenge anyone or the systems of power. Not sure who that is, but it's not the Son of God, who was so outraged that money changers defiled his Father's house that he over turned their tables. Just because he didn't arm himself to overthrow the government, did not mean that he didn't believe in the liberation of all.

Jesus crossed religious and social boundaries all the time. He welcomed all to join the Beloved Community. We can do no less. When the evil that's being visited on our society goes unchecked, those of us who say nothing are responsible for it. No middle ground here, kids: we have to be compassion and stand for justice and mercy. We have to ask the questions in order to free all our brothers and sisters. But, unlike most revolutionaries: we can never forget who we are and Whose we are.

We must feed the hungry and shelter the homeless in order to give them strength for us to stand beside them and make for change. If we just do the former, nothing changes, and those causing this evil can continue to keep their heads up their backsides. We need to be love where hate is spewed. We need to look others in the face--oppressed and oppressor--and love them as the Imago Dei! And some days that ain't all that easy.

Will we be popular? Seriously doubt that. Jesus isn't about that. Look where he ended up. We can do no less because we know that story doesn't end there...


Stephen said...

Truly a fantastic post, Br. Yossi.

+Jack Stafford said...

Thanks, Brother Yossi! You are welcome in the pulpits of our communities anytime you want! Great preaching! Thanks for encouraging me!


Your friend,

+Jack Stafford

Anonymous said...

Thanks Brother!

Crossing all boundaries is what Jesus was about; yet, the Institution of Religion will not admire that, as you know I learned.

But, we carry on, carrying on the Business of Christ, emulating the work He did for the Woman at the Well wherein He crossed every boundary!

We must go in faith and in Freedom.

Sister Mary-Paul, Professed nun

Br. Yossi, CoS Cam said...

Blessings of gratitude!

Thanks to +Jack who reminded me privately that it was Dom Helder Camara not Abp Romero who uttered those beautiful words...correction made, thanks!

Rev Dr Mhoira, OSB said...

The words of this blog sum up my position right now. Thank you for sharing them with us all.

Br. Yossi, CoS Cam said...

Blessings, Mother Mhoira!

Anonymous said...

It is always far more difficult to change within—and be truly liberated—than change external structures we believe are in control.
We blame the "rich who get richer" for the "poor who get poorer", while the "environment gets worse".
If I may pose a question, sir…do you percieve the rich as people, as human beings? Doubtless you would reply "of course!". So, then what does the Church have to offer the rich? Yes, I said "offer the rich".
Many of the world's mega-rich already give far more to charities, foundations, and other philanthropic works than we could earn in a lifetime. What does the church have to offer them, except condemnation for being a "wrong" social class? For not giving enough? Should a "rich" person give away all they own to get into heaven? Is murder forgiven, but wealth isn't? Why would a rich person even think about Christ, or inner liberation, if money seems to be all that matters?
With respect, sir.