Saturday, June 25, 2011

Two Flow One

 "Rainbow Ocean" by Thelma1

This picture touches me to the core. It's movement, overlapping, yet not blending, colors, speaks to the Oneness that permeates all Creation. The colors are not static, and neither is our God, who's always in action, incarnating, as He did in Jesus, as She does by permeating all that lives, moves and has being. The Trinity speaks to this; Buddhist dependent co-arising as well, methinks. 

If all the colors became one, we would have darkness; if we had no color, we would have whiteness. Both necessary for Life, thus neither bad things in and of themselves. While the mystics know that we are to realize unity with Unity, incarnationality honors the individual, albeit transfigured. The colors are many, but they are One.

When two people love each other truly, they remain individuals yet become one, never trying to change the other, but focusing, instead on the Love which binds them. In its fire, they're immolated into a new creation. Such is a visible sign of God's grace. 

Whether those two people are a man and a woman, two men, or two women, is irrelevant. The Beloved Weaver looms the tapestry in the Divine Image and Likeness. No one is to rent asunder the bonds of this union.

I think of my parents, married 57 yrs at the time of my father's death; I think of Richard Adrian Dorr, 83 and, John Mace, 91, who have waited 61 years for the right to marry legally in New York state, who now can. True love is true, simply...

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