Monday, June 20, 2011

Surrendering to God

For many, particularly those of us in the West, the thought of giving up control of any kind is anathema. We in our rugged individualism like to compartmentalize, including our religious and spiritual life. No loose ends, no messiness. Guess what? It simply doesn't work that way. God can't be micromanaged.

By completely letting go and giving our whole selves to the Beloved, we become aware of our oneness with the Ancient of Days. What freedom diving into that Divine embrace. When we do, we become aware of God-as-verb: constantly loving, in motion, three yet always one, eternally. 

Those who do surrender, radiate an inexplicable light and peace. Grace isn't cheap, and a person suffers on his or her way to full awareness that separation from the Beloved is an illusion. It turns the world upside down and rents the heart. It is the embodiment of Love. But what freedom is then known.

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