Wednesday, June 1, 2011


All Benedictines take the vow of stability, which for more traditional monks and nuns means remaining in one's monastery for life, praying and working. For a contemporary monk or nun, however, no monastery proper exists, so we remain stable in our prayer life--the Offices, lectio, prayers for the community and the world, meditation. In some ways, this is more challenging.

In a monastery, prayer life is scheduled, which makes it a bit easier on some levels, but no less demanding. For those of us in the Community of Solitude, we have to schedule around other things, such as family life, job, school, church involvement: the stuff of life in the world. Not easy. But this vow calls us gently back to 
re-membering this commitment.

But our life of prayer, this stability, is not simply centered around formal activities, but out life becomes prayer. More formal prayer leads us deeply to a place where the Holy Spirit enlivens and empowers us. Hence, stability leads to our transformation in Christ.

In our Community, our cell is wherever we find ourselves; our cloister the heart joined with the Beloved and all in the world. This isn't just some nice poetry, but, rather, the fruits of stability in prayer. We uphold each other and others through it. Stability puts us in our rightful place (humus-near the earth, humble), wherein we find ourselves nurtured. By God's grace, as we are transformed, so others too.

 Abu Ghosh Monastery, Israel


Thom, SFO said...

The practical similarities between your order and mine are striking.

Br. Yossi, CoS Cam said...

Lot of overlap on that level, yes. Different spirituality, but rooted in Christ...