Saturday, June 18, 2011

Spiritual Fathers

Even though my Dad's dead, that doesn't keep me from honoring Fathers Day. I remember him and the lessons he imparted to me. I strive to live the values he instilled. So, in reality, every day is Fathers Day.

But I also think of those men who touch my life as spiritual fathers. Most, yes, are older chronologically, but some are not. Some are Christian, but not all. Some have their own children, others do not. 

It is through the way these men live their lives, that they bless me (and others) so much. They don't wear their faith on their sleeves, but it emanates from them in how they live in any given moment. They do not seek attention for themselves, but are rather unassuming.

So, to them I say: Thank you, and Happy Fathers Day...

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