Thursday, June 23, 2011

Beyond Words

There comes a point on the contemplative journey that some reach wherein words fall oh so short. In fact, they can get in the way. Mystical prayer involves a deep yearning of the soul for the Beloved, as has been attested by holy men and women over millenia, such as Benedict, Scholastica, Francis, Clare, Meister Eckhart (long before Eckhart Tolle), John of the Cross and Teresa of Avila, among so many.

This longing does not keep one from serving others, in fact, it speeds them on the way to do just that. Mystical prayer is love, and that love embraces all in its purview. It is fire and burns the dross away, so that God may shine in and through the one who so reaches out and is drawn to God, transforming him or her. As a result, so many others find themselves changed. Orthodox Christian saint, Seraphim of Sarov says:

Acquire the Holy Spirit
and thousands around you will 
be saved.

How beautiful that as the Paraclete lights beautiful candles in the wind that do not get extinguished, others find themselves drawn to the Light. But this doesn't cause the contemplative in the Christian tradition to forgo the Offices or the Eucharist, yet pulls them more strongly to them. They anchor and feed him or her, connecting to the wider Church, but, perhaps, giving a wider perspective in approaching them. 


Stephen Taylor said...

Beautifully said, Br. Yossi. You have come close to this marvelous truth.

Br. Yossi, CoS Cam said...

God is good!