Monday, May 23, 2011

Without Borders?!!

This monk is a catholic Christian before he is anything else, including a monk, LOL!! The vows eventually professed by me flow from the Baptismal Vows.  Jesus Christ is my way, truth and life; the Eucharist, which feeds me, intersects sacred and secular, uniting them for the Beloved dances in and through All.  Before I can approach another tradition in its fullness, I have to know who I am and where I stand, yet, must do so with an open and radiant heart.  

But once I let go and go deeper, through contemplative practice, meditation, chant, and prayer, ego walls fall like those at Jericho, the herald's trumpet tumbling them. It is then, that I, a monk in the Camaldolese tradition, can dance with the kabbalistic Jew, the socially engaged Buddhist, and the joyous Sufi, each honoring the other's tradition.  This heart resonance is not syncretism, simply deep sharing and understanding.  At this level, when I look into my brother's or sister's eyes, God looks back!

Do I then throw away all doctrine of my tradition?  No, but I am humbled to realize that it points to a greater Reality, mysterious, yet personal, in the Incarnation. Like Buddha's finger pointing to the moon, one must never mistake his fingertip for the moon; I should never mistake doctrine for the greater Mystery to which it points.  

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