Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Simply Christian

So much extremism evident in Christianity today. On the one the hand, those who would like to go back to "the good ole days" with their triumphant restoration of one type or another, seeking to define who's "in' and who's "out," by bringing errant folks in line. On the other hand, such an extreme liberalism that waters down Christianity so much that it loses its flavor. Nor do I wish to see a fence-sitting Christianity that's afraid to BE the Gospel in the world today. How about being simply Christian?

Simple Christianity finds itself less concerned with turf, and more focused on bringing the People of God together, by empowering them in service and worship. It focuses on BEING the Gospel, and while it accepts the truths contained in the Creeds, realizes that they come from the linear Greek philosophical tradition and a cosmology that no longer exists, and, thus, seeks way to embody and experience these truths rather than merely recite them. It does not simply throw them out.

It is a Way that welcomes LGBT folks and no longer studies them as if they're some sort of disincarnate species rather than flesh-and-blood humans. It, likewise, celebrates the presence of women, people of color, and various groups who dance God's diversity. It certainly takes joy in the contributions of Caucasian folks and straight folks, too, and does not push them out of the way either, in the name of politically correct inclusivity.

It, too, honors other spiritual paths acknowledging that God's tapestry has threads of many colors, but does not deny that Jesus' death on the Cross is one of deep love for all people and that his Resurrection, however it happened, changes his followers profoundly.  

Whether those call from within the community for ordination or those blessed with other forms of ministry, all must come together, humbly, to make community happen; they must wash each other's feet...

Simple Christianity challenges its people to live deeply spiritual lives of inner silence and deep prayer that informs outer action. It preaches the Gospel like Francis and Clare, using words when necessary and reminds of the need for cultivating the spiritual life through prayer and work, like Benedict and Scholastica

This is about Relationship! Jesus is not some king on the clouds in a Cecil B. DeMille extravaganza or simply the leader of the peasant revolt, but desires the transformation of ALL people and the world in which they live. 

It seems to me that the Eucharistic meal must form the backbone of this movement and needs to be celebrated daily, not just weekly. 


Stephen Taylor said...

A very fine piece of writing. Thank you.

Br. Yossi, CoS Cam said...

Blessings of gratitude, my brother!

lorely said...

I'm simply christian too! I do find the life of a monk fascinating...it is my dream someday to spend a few days or a week in solitude...ahhhh...such serenity!

Br. Yossi, CoS Cam said...

Blessings, Lorely!

It is a beautiful way to live, indeed, no matter where one finds himself or herself.