Wednesday, May 25, 2011


When I was a Roman Catholic teenager, I remember telling my Mom in a fit of fervor that I wanted to visit a saint's tomb. Without batting an eye, she said "go to any cemetery."  Stopped me in my tracks, I'll tell ya! 

When a person told the late Dorothy Day she was a saint, she snapped "don't dismiss me that easily!"  All too often we look at the saints as being so far beyond our reality, that we feel we can't possibly attain their holiness, so we don't try. Unfortunately, the Church has often saccharinized the biographies of these holy men and women. 

Saints struggle with much the same fears and questions as we do. Their holiness comes from persevering in faith, despite their own doubts and weaknesses. Many go unrecognized, but walk amongst us every day caring for others, praying with them, and working for justice, their saintly vocation hidden. 

For those holy ones who have died, we can ask them to pray with us as we do family and friends. They do not, however, grant favors of their own accord. They are never far from us, and, might just be us, through the grace and love of Christ.  

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